House of Welcome supports  client chefs who are seeking asylum to be involved as community cooks in Flavours of Auburn cooking classes and dinners. 

Flavours of Auburn is a community enterprise which connects people, communities and cultures through a shared love for food. It is a partnership between Cumberland Council, the Auburn Small Community Organisation Network (ASCON), House of Welcome and local Auburn businesses. The involvement of people seeking asylum in this project has positive impacts in both our client’s lives and the wider community. The initiative forges community connections and reduces social isolation for clients, provides local work experience and employment channels and creates an opportunity for people seeking asylum and other community members to learn from each other, sharing food and cultural traditions through cooking together. 

Flavours of Auburn cooking classes are held quarterly with chefs from the House of Welcome. You can find more details of classes and events here: 

For more information about upcoming classes and events please contact Suma Pillai Ph: 9727 9290 Email: